The Farmers' Market, Delivered

Local Food, Online Convenience.

Something GUD brings the farmers’ market to your doorstep. Try our Box of the Week program and shop a full menu of food items sourced from the area’s top local farms and artisan foodmakers.

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The Something GUD Team

How Does it Work?


Set up your weekly grocery list-- how much bread, fruit, meat, dairy, etc. you want.


We go to local farms, bakeries, and shops to hand-pick your GUDs.


We deliver right to your door, and even stock your fridge if you'd like.


There are NO contracts. Change, postpone, or cancel your order at any time.

Get started with fresh, local, organic food delivered to your door


What do you do?

Basically, we are trying to be the free concierge and room service of local responsible food. We are a Massachusetts Benefit Corporation with the intention of improving the food distribution system in a way that is good for the consumer, the producer, and the environment. To do this: we find the most responsibly-made local food, attempt to make it as convenient as possible to get that food from the producer to the consumer, and do so with the smallest environmental footprint we can.

Are you a grocery store?

Not exactly. We do offer a full range of grocery items. Where we differ is that we curate local seasonal foods and we only source what you order. A major point of waste in the food-supply chain is caused by the inventory grocery stores must maintain to allow on-demand, itemized buying. By taking your order a couple days ahead, we can keep our food waste next to nothing.

Is this a CSA/Farm share?

Not exactly. We do bring you fresh seasonal food directly from the local businesses that grow/raise/make it. However, we offer a full range of grocery items, there is no commitment, and there is no upfront cost. You choose what you want, how much you want, and how often you want it.

What kind of food do you have?

There are so many great local businesses that we can bring you everything from produce to meats to cheeses to baked goods to seafood to candy and more; and we are still discovering new products all the time.

Is everything organic?

By and large, organic is the way to go. However, the truth is that there are a lot of organic practices that are not sustainable or ethical. There are also a great deal of small New England farms that adhere to sustainable, ethical, and organic practices that simply can't afford the annual FDA organic inspection and seal. Also, in an effort to balance our adherence to sustainable practices, product quality, product diversity, and cost to the customer, we often only have a non-organic option for a particular type of local/seasonal produce.

Where do you source the food from?

Supporting local small businesses is one of our core tenants. All our supplier are within 200 miles of Boston.

How do you choose the suppliers and products?

Carefully. We try to balance the quality of a product, its health aspects, the sustainability of its production, the mission of its supplier, and the cost to the consumer. There isn't always a "perfect" local product available for each food type, but we work hard to get you the best. As someone's grandmother once said, "perfect is the enemy better."

Do you operate all year round?

We sure do! You'll be amazed at what each season brings.

When do you deliver?

We set you up with a weekly grocery day of your choice that you can change as needed. We do this to encourage a more stable demand for our suppliers, which helps our suppliers keep their waste to a minimum. It also simplifies our logistics and reduces our operating costs, so that we can pass more savings onto you.

Can I pickup my groceries?

You can pickup your food from our facility in Somerville if you'd prefer. Convenience is the name of the game! And by picking up your orders, you can avoid delivery fees.

Where do you deliver to?

Almost everywhere within the I-95 belt around Boston.

What happens if I'm not home when my groceries are delivered?

We can leave your groceries anywhere that you are happy with. Just let us know. If you have a cooler, we can leave your cold items in that. If not, we have cooler totes that we can leave with you. We just ask that you leave these out for us the following week.

Can I choose the food I want?

Yes! Most of our offerings are for specific items, but we also offer several curated selections (e.g. "Box of the Week"). Most of our produce offerings are only curated selections. This is because the seasonal availability of local produce changes so rapidly, and securing high quality produce often requires ordering many days in advance.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

No. You create an account by subscribing to recurring orders of your choice, but you can turn off any and all subscriptions. After signing up, you'll also get access to our Web Store, which is an a la carte menu for one-time orders that are brought along with any subscription orders.

Can I order just once?


When do I have to order?

Orders for Sunday and Monday are place on Thursday at midnight. Orders for Thursday are placed on Monday at midnight.

Can I temporarily suspend my orders?

Yes. You can turn off all recurring orders or place a hold on your account for any period of time.

What if I have special dietary restrictions or preferences?

We are more than happy to accommodate. Just let us know what you need and we'll make it happen.

How much does it cost?

We are comparable to any farmers market or Whole Foods: for some products we are cheaper, for some we aren't, and it's always changing. The local food landscape constantly evolving.

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